A guide to the Levels

Small classes for 4 to 8 persons

Level A

Develop basic vocabulary, simple grammar and useful phrases. A solid grounding for further study.

Level A1:

The course for beginners and for those with limited English

Level A2:

I can make myself understood in everyday situations, greet people, ask for something in a shop etc. I can describe where I live and people I know.

Level B

Repeat and build basic grammar structures, develop everyday expressions and extend vocabulary.

Level B1:

I can make myself understood and have a simple conversation. I can find the most important information in a simple text. I can understand and use a menu, hotel catalogue, timetable etc.

Level B2:

I can discuss a familiar topic and initiate a conversation, although I may still make some mistakes. I can read and understand simple texts and can follow some radio or TV programmes. I can write a short text on a familiar topic.

Level C

Intensive development and fine tuning of speaking, listening and reading skills, including understanding of authentic texts.

Level C1:

I can spontaneously and fluently hold a conversation with a first language speaker. I can give detailed information on various topics and express opinions. I can read and write longer texts on various topics, possibly using a dictionary.

Level C2:

I can communicate effectively, even in difficult situations. I can follow a conversation between native speakers provided the accent is familiar. Films and newspaper articles pose little or no difficulty. I can write and speak in a style appropriate to the context. I might still make mistakes when experimenting with demanding structures.